Project Background

History is really made in community. History is a communal enterprise, and the best way to capture that history is through the stories that people themselves tell.

— Tomás Atencio, sociologist

The spark of inspiration for this project came in June of 2006 at a greenway meeting of the Mount Holly Community Development Foundation, when a hand-drawn map of the Riverbend area was passed around to stimulate conversation about the possibility of historical elements being included in the city’s greenway vision. The map, drawn by long-time Riverbend resident Eddie Cox, gave me the notion of creating an expanded, web-based, interactive version, with information provided by Mount Holly’s community members.

Envisioned as a way to help Mount Holly residents and visitors learn more about the area’s rich history and link the city’s past to the present, the idea was to help preserve the city’s history while providing people with new opportunities for connecting with the landscape.

– Emily Lorance


For general inquiries or to add information, contact the City of Mount Holly using the reference  “Mount Holly Historical Map” at 704-822-2938 (phone), 704-822-2933 (fax) or [email protected] (email contact).

To contact the map’s developers, you can email Emily Lorance at emily.lorance(at) or Matt Stover at matt.easttunnel(at)