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Summey’s Drugstore

Mount Holly News

Jones Brothers Market

Jenkins Motor Co.

The Quality Store


Historical Maps

1945 map of downtown

History of Mount Holly’s corporate limits, 1879-2001

Historical Documents

1879 General Assembly Resolution creating Mount Holly


-Freedom community residents John Hope and Ruth Moore talk about their lives & growing up there.

-For a recollection of 1930’s downtown by Ernest Stowe, click here.

-Sarah Nixon’s account of working for the Mount Holly News

-A short history of the Massey Company, Inc. by Henry Massey, Jr.

Memories of directing the band at Mount Holly High School, Robert Black

-Doris Connell’s description of Riverbend Village.

Newspaper/Magazine Articles

-Highlighting a journal of early days at the Mountain Island Mill, by Jim Heffner, Mount Holly News, ca. 2004

-Story of how the Mount Holly Cotton Mill came to be on the National Register, by Jim Heffner, Mount Holly News, date unknown

-Article of the closing of Holland Drug Co., in the Mount Holly News, January 11, 1989

-“Remembering the pavilion“, by Willie Dunn Springs, in the May 21, 1997 Mount Holly News

-Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church:

-“Ghost Army of St. Joseph’s“, by Judy Rozzelle, in the Oct. 2004 Mountain Island Monitor

-“Still Sacred“, by Alan Hodge, in the Nov. 2005 Our State

-“Requiem for St. Joseph’s“, by Judy Rozzelle, in the July 2004 Mountain Island Monitor

Historical Sketches

History of First Presbyterian Church by Willie Dunn Springs

History of the post office in Mount Holly, by Hollis E. Dunn

History of buildings at the Wachovia bank corner, Mount Holly Archives Committee, ca. 1991

History of schools in Mount Holly, by Hollis E. Dunn

History of the Robert Alexander property, by Hollis E. Dunn

Sketch of André Michaux, French botanist and visitor to Mount Holly, by Charles Williams

Sketch of the Hoffman-Love-McConnell house, author unknown

History of the Johnston-Nims-Spratt house, by Meg Barnard

Map and descriptions of sites of historical interest in the Riverbend area, by Ed Cox