This map is the work of Emily Lorance, a Belmont native with an avid interest in local history and creative cartographies, and Matt Stover, a Mount Holly native who volunteered in the development of the published version of the map.

Creative inspiration came from ‘Local Boy’ Ed Cox, who grew up in the Riverbend area and spent much time in service to the preservation of its history through tours, descriptions and his colorful, hand-drawn map of Riverbend.  This map is in large part indebted to him.

Thanks goes to Donnie Dotson, Carl Heil, David Childers and Bobby Bobs for allowing me to interview them, and to Lucy Penegar, Meg Barnard and Lynn Gilmore for opening up their homes and memories for me to capture.

Special thanks also goes to Jim Love and Charles Rhyne for the multitude of information they provided through maps, interviews, written information and references.

Thanks to Danny Jackson, Asst. City Manager of the City of Mount Holly, and David Kraus, the former City manager, for their support and encouragement.

And thanks to Judy Rozzelle, Charles Williams and the late Jim Heffner for their support and for allowing me to use their published material.

Finally, a very special thanks to members of the Mount Holly Archives Committee and other citizens who have, throughout the last few decades, given so generously towards the city’s archival collection.

-Emily Lorance